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Seek An Alternative Approach To Family Conflicts Through Mediation

Sometimes, a dispute does not require the lengthy legal process most individuals hear about. Many families and the North Dakota and Minnesota court systems overall are increasingly shifting focus to more amicable and cooperative alternatives to dispute resolution. Mediation is one of these alternatives.

At Brazil Law Office PLLC, I have seen how mediation can help individuals and families – particularly those involved in divorce or estate disputes – achieve more favorable outcomes than litigation can offer.

When you work with my office, I can analyze your case, listen to your goals and help you through mediation. As an attorney and a Qualified Neutral Mediator in North Dakota and Minnesota, I can facilitate sessions and help guide you to reach fair and reasonable resolutions that are based on state family law guidelines.

In these cases, I am not serving as an attorney to either party. Both parties must consent to mediation as a voluntary dispute resolution method to participate in the process.

What Can Mediation Allow You To Do?

Through mediation, you can:

  • Retain more control over the decision-making process and the outcome of your dispute
  • Preserve meaningful relationships so you can continue to work collaboratively after your dispute is resolved
  • Minimize the legal costs associated with litigation and traditional courtroom proceedings
  • Create a more customized agreement that better meets your needs as an individual or family

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of mediation and whether it’s a good option for your situation, call me at 701-297-2298 so I can learn more about your situation.

What Happens If Divorce Mediation Doesn’t Work?

Of course, mediation does not always completely resolve a family law issue. When acting as a mediator, I can help you clarify whether you or your spouse reached an agreement. If you and your spouse can’t reach one, I will identify this disagreement and provide insight into each side so that you can make informed decisions.

Discover If Mediation Is The Right Course Of Action For You

Before you give in to your spouse’s demands or dig in your heels about a particular issue, consider the benefits mediation can offer you and your loved ones. Mediation can be used in various divorce, custody and post-judgment matters.

Contact my office in Fargo online or by telephone at 701-297-2298 to schedule your initial consultation with me. I handle cases throughout the region in North Dakota and Minnesota.