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Divorce assistance when life has turned upside down

A family in turmoil can be one of the most devastating and frightening situations an individual can face. Stability at home is virtually gone, and the legal processes ahead seem overwhelming.

Remember that divorce does not necessarily have to represent loss or failure. It will not be easy, but it can help you establish a more positive future. Having an experienced attorney who can anticipate obstacles and provide cost-effective solutions will make all the difference.

Make pragmatic and strategic choices today that protect you and your loved ones for years to come. Our team at Brazil Law Office, PLLC in Fargo can help you. We handle cases throughout the region in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Comprehensive solutions for your divorce concerns

Our team handles a wide range of family law matters as they relate to separate and marriage dissolution. These include issues like:

  • Child-related matters: Parenting time agreements (visitation), legal and physical child custody (residential responsibility), child support payments, etc.
  • Spousal support issues: Negotiating spousal support (also known as maintenance or alimony), tax implications of spousal support and related concerns
  • Property division: Equitable division of assets, health care and insurance benefit concerns, family-owned businesses, complex or high-asset divorce needs

While these are common issues in any divorce, including military divorce, we understand that they are uncharted waters for our clients. You deserve and need personal attention through this process and we at Brazil Law Office, PLLC are prepared to give you the guidance your case demands.

How much will my divorce cost me?

A lot of this will depend upon your specific situation and to what degree you and your spouse can collaborate toward a favorable resolution. At Brazil Law Office, PLLC, we do not push you into unnecessary or costly litigation tactics. We work with our clients to understand their goals and work towards achieving them, whether that is through settlement negotiations or through a hearing/trial.

Our firm will always make your goals, your rights and your financial concerns a top priority. We look for ways to save you financially without compromising the quality outcome you need. We do not act as “yes men” for our clients. We will tell you what you need to hear so you can make an informed decision for your future.

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