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I Can Be Your Trusted Advocated When You Face Difficult Decisions

Family law and estate planning can be very complex and bring up a lot of emotions. Deciding to prepare a last will can make you face your own mortality and bring up inter-family conflicts. Divorce can be one of the more painful experiences in your life. To get through either or both of these issues, you want to work with a lawyer who understands your perspective and will be honest with you about your situation.

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I am here to represent every single one of your needs and interests. I will always set honest expectations about your case and help you achieve a desirable and realistic outcome.

What I Can Do To Serve You

At Brazil Law Office PLLC, I recognize your challenges and uncertainty. I know that making choices that affect your family unit can be difficult. I want to help you navigate through these choices reasonably and practically. After your family law issue has been resolved and I no longer represent you, I understand you still have a family unit that needs to function. As we proceed, I look at the “big picture,” rather than just the issues in front of you and know that you may have additional questions as you encounter new scenarios. I am happy to address those questions for you when they arise.

I have helped many individuals in the Fargo-Moorhead area deal with family law concerns and find positive options for their estate planning needs. I can guide you, step by step, through the entire process.

Providing You With An Honest And Clear Assessment Of Your Situation

When we meet, I will get to know all the details of your situation, lay out your options and help you pursue ones that can increase your chances of obtaining the results you desire. You can always expect me to be candid and honest about the proceedings you are considering and their potential results. You always deserve to know how your options could affect you and the people you love most.

While I can offer suggestions on what is best for you and your family, the decision is yours and for me to help you pursue. At the end of your legal proceeding, you know your family unit and what will work best for you.

I am compassionate and sympathetic when it comes to your needs and desires and aggressive when it comes to pursuing your goals.

My Goal Is To Help You Find The Right Solutions For You And Your Family

I take a lot of pride in my work and want to help you in any way I can. Call me at 701-297-2298 or complete my online contact form so you can tell me more about your situation and work out a realistic and viable solution to your problems.

While my office is based in Fargo, North Dakota, I also take cases in Minnesota.