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Seek A Child Support Agreement That Accounts For Your Needs

Children involved in a divorce need more support than many parents realize. They witness conflicts at home, feel the stress of broken relationships, and can suffer when facing financially unstable circumstances. Child support payments can help kids weather the storm when their parents divorce. However, determining which parent should pay child support, how much that parent should pay, and requesting changes to the amount paid or received can lead to contentious conflicts if not addressed appropriately.

As someone who has been helping North Dakota and Minnesota families navigate the ups and downs of divorce for 18 years, I can help you navigate these negotiations effectively and keep your interests front and center.

Brazil Law Office PLLC Can Help During This Difficult Transition

Child support is an important part of helping children get the care and support they need when a divorce is final. As parents struggle to maintain separate households, it can be difficult to agree upon a fair support payment schedule that gives children what they need without compromising either parent’s financial stability.

When left to the court’s judgment, there are clear outlines for calculating child support payments. Some factors considered in North Dakota and Minnesota family courts include:

  • A child’s educational, medical, insurance or other special needs
  • Each parent’s income and time spent with the child (according to custody arrangements)
  • The family’s standard of living before divorce and reasonable expectations about maintaining an equitable quality of life between households

Of course, every family has unique needs to consider through the divorce process. Sometimes, standardized payment schedules will not work for your family. That is why having a lawyer to advocate for a more customized and reasonable schedule can help you in the long term.

My Fargo-based law firm can help you make decisions that will influence you immediately, shortly after your divorce and for many years. This is especially important because, after your divorce, your life will continue to change. Remarriages, relocation and new jobs can change your child support needs. Make sure you start off on the right foot with experienced counsel.

Find A Solution That Works For You And Your Children

I aim to help you and your children have a positive financial outlook once a divorce is finalized. As a Qualified Neutral Mediator, I have vast experience helping spouses negotiate favorable agreements outside litigation. Still, my courtroom presence and thorough case preparation leave me well-equipped to present a strong case for support when your issues become contentious.

Reach Out To My Firm Today

Whether you are struggling with an adversarial child support dispute or just want guidance through a collaborative divorce process, I am here and ready to help. Contact Brazil Law Office PLLC via email or by telephone at 701-297-2298 to arrange an initial consultation.